March is an excellent time for birds on the island – most of our summer seabirds are still on the island, and the Providence petrels have just returned for winter breeding. Nine people attended and enjoyed the many excursions to various seabird colonies and forests.

On Mount Eliza “The climb was rewarding with numerous Red-tailed tropicbirds soaring metres away from the path, performing stationary flights in the strong winds. Black-winged petrels also noisily displayed overhead.”



A young White tern amused us


The waders at North Bay always a favourite activity.

On our Balls Pyramid boat trip “ we spotted a large variety of seabirds, including a big flock of flesh footed shearwaters clamouring for food right next to the boat, and many small and beautiful white-bellied storm petrels hovering close by waiting for a chance to snatch a morsel. There were plenty of masked boobies, adult and juvenile, and even a Brown booby perched on a rock.”