Climate Council Tour 2016

Climate Council Tour 2016

In the week 19 to 26 March, Lord Howe Island Nature Tours hosted a special tour for the Climate Council.

The Climate Council is an Australian independent non-profit organisation formed to provide independent, authoritative climate change information to the Australian public. It was formed by former members of the Climate Commission after it was abolished by the federal government in September 2013.

This was a fundraising tour, where to be eligible to attend, people had to raise a certain level of funds to go towards the functions of the Climate Council.

The Climate Council leader was Lesley Hughes, Professor of Ecology at Macquarie University in Sydney. There were 12 Tour members, and they raised their funds in various ways; from staging music gigs with friends, screening environmental documentaries at venues with an entry fee, or holding a French dinner with friends donating on the night. The age of the tour members ranged from 21 to 71 and it is great to see such a wide age group passionate about supporting the work of the Climate Council.

The tour members were all fit and enjoyed many of the walks including Mount Gower; as well as snorkelling and a Balls Pyramid boat trip. The group used the Museum as a base, attending the Museum lectures and holding several workshops for tour members. At these workshops, Lesley Hughes’ main theme on her presentations about Climate Change was that it is here now – not something that may happen in the future, it is happening and the evidence is strongly out that activities of humans are involved.


Close up with the Providence petrels at Little Island
At the Herring Pools