The second bush walking week for 2022, with the group again staying at Oceanview Apartments, and enjoying the island each day on the walks. The first walk to Boat Harbour was a great introduction “I was surprised at how tropical this section of the island is. With palm trees, elk horns, and strong creeping vines. The pandanus is an amazing feat of evolutionary architecture. Beneath the canopy we saw berries, large seed pods, and the occasional roosting bird, nestling quietly in the stillness – including a vibrant Emerald Dove.” Walks included North Bay, Malabar and Transit Hill. Eight people completed the Mount Gower climb.

Some of the group took the optional boat trip to Balls Pyramid “We bounced across the ocean on the 43 nautical mile journey accompanied by sea birds gliding, swooping, and diving. The seabird life is extraordinary, masses of petrels and terns which make the journey magical. Balls Pyramid emerges from the sea like a scene from “Game of Thrones. The largest sea stack in the world is truly impressive.”