Eighteen people from Sydney here to enjoy the exploration of the island on the many diverse walking tracks on this bushwalking tour. We covered the lowland walks, and some of the moderate walks – North Bay and Boat Harbour as day walks. Many rated North Bay as the most enjoyable day of the week, with a variety of walks, a swim at the Herring Pools and the bbq lunch. Six of the eighteen decided they would tackle the 875-metre high Mount Gower with Jack Shick on Thursday. “As we headed higher, the world record for the most rope climbs on a single walk was smashed. After withstanding the tricky rope climbs, the slipperiness and the mad Providence petrels buzzing overhead, we made the top. The Cloud Forest was just amazing. We were expecting a wind-blown barren top, but were blown away by the variety of palms, berries, mosses ferns and vines. We were indeed on top of the world.”