Weeding Ecotour for the Friends of LHI – August 2015

Weeding Ecotour for the Friends of LHI – August 2015

18 people arrived on the early flight from Sydney for this week of conservation and island exploration.

The weeding effort was centred on Transit Hill. The initial focus was on clearing the Edie’s Glen site of the secondary weeds such as Fleabane, Solanum, Thistle and Crofton weed.

This area, adopted by the Friends in 2007 has shown remarkable transformation from a valley of Rice paper plant and Castor oil plant to now an established canopy of mixed native rainforest species across a large area.

Also included some follow up on Ground asparagus on Transit Hill and Formosa lily at North Bay.

The week had very low tides so we had some good low tide reef walks; and walks to Intermediate Hill and the North Bay day.

LHI Board CEO invited the Friends to government House for thank you drinks.